Thursday, 12 November 2009

SMEs: The Survival of the Fittest

Everyday somebody starts a new business. Everyday somebody launches a business hoping that he or she will at last be doing something that they have always dreamt about doing but never got the chance. However, the budding new entrepreneurs rarely realise that launching their own business they are signing up for a great deal of things that they never wanted to do in the first place. Who in the world would start a business because of their genuine love for accounting, taxes, legal issues, people management and other boring administrative tasks? Of course, you can be good at one or two things but there is little chance you will be able to handle everything. What often happens is that the new managing director tries to ignore the problems for as long as possible and when he or she finally realises that the problems need to be solved it turns out that it is already too late. Hence many businesses go into administration and the beautiful projects their owners had do not survive the test of reality.

In fact, the business owner’s expectation that they will be doing what they are good at is an illusion. Many business owners say that at the start of their business they only spent 5% of their time doing the thing they liked to do and most of the time sorting out all those issues that happen behind the scenes, the things you only face when you start your own business. Is there absolutely no hope of fulfilling your dreams then?

Well, not exactly. For proof, look at all those who do succeed in their undertaking. So, here are the three ways you can remedy the situation. For one, you commit to deal with all those issues by yourself. This requires quite some will power but also time (which equals money), energy and other resources. The second option is to hire somebody or find freelancers that will do the job for you. However, having several freelancers doing bits and bobs here and there is not so efficient, plus you will need to constantly exercise control over their activities, which can be time consuming. And what happens if with all your attention and control they still mess something up? You would want to avoid that at all costs, but you can still keep those to a minimum.

Virtual Blue Bird virtual assistants can take away the most part of your burden, be it the administrative tasks, recruitment, people management or anything else that you simply do not have time for. What counts however, is that your business will be assigned a project manager who will control the work of the VAs and ensure that everything that needs to be done is done on time. The project manager will in fact take care of all those issues that you want to delegate so that you do not have to spend time on finding the right people and making sure they are doing the job properly. All this will be done by the project manager in charge. Just like a talented conductor, a project manager will know who to assign the tasks to and how to ensure the highest quality standards. The organised work of our responsible VAs is aimed to make your life easier and to finally free up your time to let you do what you enjoy doing most. In fact, the time you spend on the administrative tasks or hiring and controlling the freelancers is the time that you could have otherwise spend developing your business and getting new customers. It is also a fact that people earn more by doing what they are best at whilst carrying out day-to-day administration may have a diminishing effect on your very motivation of having your own business. Virtual Blue Bird offers you to take care of what we do best – managing and organising, while letting you do your favourite part of the job – growing your business.

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